What is lucre?

lucre is an implementation (in C++ and Java) of David Wagner's Diffie-Hellman variant on Chaumian blinding. This variant is thought to be unprotected by patents, however, you use it at your own risk.

For a detailed explanation, see theory2.pdf.

Where is lucre?

lucre lives at:

The lucre code is available by anonymous CVS or as a tarball.

The tarball snapshot is updated daily at midnight, UK time. It can be fetched from:

Anonymous CVS lives at:
to check out with CVS, do the following:

  cvs -d "" login
password is "anoncvs". Once logged in, do:

  cvs -d "" co
this should create a directory called "", which will contain the current source tree. At any time, anwhere within this tree, you can type:

  cvs update
to get the latest versions and keep your tree up to date.

Where is everything else?

Cyclic's CVS tools can be found at:

Why is lucre?

In case you are wondering what on Earth blinding is good for, the answer is (at least): anonymous digital money and other untraceable transactions.

What can I use lucre for?

You can use lucre for any purpose you desire, non-commercial or otherwise, so long as you stick to the licencing agreement described in the file LICENCE, distributed with the lucre source. This licence is extremely open, reasonable and flexible, and we doubt you will have any issues with it.

If you develop a useful application using lucre, please let us know and we'll link to it from here.

How can I support lucre?

If you wish to to get your hands filthy, you can submit bug reports, patches, ideas, ports, code, stimulants or anything else you care to think of. We would more than welcome it.

Please send submissions to:

Copyright © 1999 Ben Laurie, Adam Laurie.